Functional Medicine At-Home Program

The Knowledge You Gain From Our Course Can Help Uncover The Root Causes Of Many Common Issues That Often Go Undiagnosed

Krystal and Becky

Course Modules

    1. Review: Disclaimer & Hippa Notice

    2. What To Expect In Health Babes Functional Medicine At-Home

    3. Before You Begin

    1. Download The Metabolic Assessment

    2. The Metabolic Assessment

    1. Introduction To Detox

    2. Lesson 1: Understanding Detox Pathways

    3. Lesson 2: How Do The Detox Pathways Work

    1. Lesson 1: What Are Toxins And Why Do We Need To Detox Our Bodies?

    2. Lesson 2: Gentle Detox

    3. Lesson 3: Moving Past Gentle Detox

    4. Lesson 4: Detox Your Products

    5. Supplements to get you started!

    1. Lesson 1: Stress, Trauma, and Your Health

    2. Lesson 2: The Vagus Nerve and The Limbic System

    3. Lesson 3: How To Calm The Nervous System

    1. Lesson 1: Diet Should Be Based On Bio-Individuality

    2. Lesson 2: Nutrient-Dense Foods To Focus On

About this course

  • $297.00
  • 32 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

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After completing the core at home functional medicine course, you can DIG IN EVEN DEEPER, WITH THESE ADDITIONAL COURSES.

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    $297.00Health Babes Advanced Testing Course 1: The Gut; Interpreting your GI Map Test

    The Microbiome: Testing & Interpreting Your GI Map Test Results. Learning the Protocols Needed to Achieve Optimal Gut Health!
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  • $297.00

    $297.00Health Babes Advanced Testing Course 2: HPA Axis & Sex Hormones; Interpreting your Dutch Test

    HPA Axis & Sex Hormones: Testing & Interpreting Your Dutch Test Results. Learning the Protocols Needed to Achieve Optimal Hormone Balance.
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    $697.00Health Babes Functional Medicine At-Home Bundle

    The Bundle: Core Program, Gut Program, Hormone Program
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